Jennifer Gonzalez Photography Ashburn Virginia Loudoun County I am an award-winning photographer located in Loudoun County, Virginia. Back when I picked up my camera simply to photograph sunsets, I never thought I would be here creating portraits.

As I progressed as a nature photographer winning awards for my waterfall and landscape images, I wondered if I could ever do portraits. And then I saw an image of a woman in a beautiful red dress on the side of a mountain and I was hooked. I needed to do it. One of my specialties is heading into the mountains and creating art. Whether it is a senior, couple or individual, building sessions that capture a client’s personality and infusing the beauty of nature spurs me to create images that will last a lifetime.

I love to work with seniors in high school. Their love of life and excitement for their future is refreshing. All of my senior clients say, “Wow! That was fun!” after their sessions. I always work to create a session that they love. No cheesy props or sitting in a classroom like school sessions. We sit, chat, and plan a session that reflects their personality. Need location ideas? I have plenty. A senior recently requested a water location but thought there was no where to go in Ashburn. I was able to provide her with numerous locations. Another wanted a woodsy area. I went out, snapped quick pics, and provided her with three locations. I come ready with solutions!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with couples and individuals as well. Every client gets the same personal treatment. Consultation, location scouting (if needed), session planning, photo selection and image delivery… I guarantee you will be happy with your investment in your elevated portrait session.