Senior Portraits in Loudoun County Leesburg Ashburn Virginia Snow picture with large red skirt and corset

Interested in Senior Portraits with me? Here is some information to help you decision making process. I am always available to answer more questions or to discuss more details.

How long will my session be? 

Your session will last between 1-2 hours. Location plays a large part in how long your session lasts. Is there a lot of walking? Is it a small area? Will you change outfits? My experience shows most people tire after an hour but I do take a “go with the flow” approach.

Do you have packages?

I have 3 packages starting at $1000. Most clients spend approximately $2500 on their session and prints.

Do you have a client closet?

I do! I have a variety of dresses for a variety of sizes that are available for everyone at no additional charge.  Many of the dresses/outfits are available on my Closet highlight on Instagram.

Do you have location ideas?

I sure do! As an avid hiker and nature lover, I have explored a large portion of Loudoun County and beyond.  Want a waterfall? I know some not too far away.  Do you want flowers? Gardens? I got you! How about mountains? Whatever it is that you want for your session, I have a place to suggest.  If you have an idea – let me know! I research it. I scout it. I come up with a plan for your session. 

Do you offer hair and makeup?

At this time I do not offer hair and makeup. This is because my sessions are outside and finding someone to meet at the location can be difficult. If you think I should offer this, please let me know. I am open to considering it if enough people think it is important to their session.  I find, however, that most senior girls like to do their own hair and makeup. They have a particular look that they like.

How long do I have to wait for my photo selection session?

I work to get your photo selection session booked within 10 days from your portrait session. It is almost always less than that but if it is during the fall, it could be up to 14 days.

What happens at my photo selection session?

During your photo selection session you will see all the photos from your session. The only ones you will not see are ones where eyes are closed, where the focus missed, or there was another issue with the image. Other than those, you will see everything.  The photos will have a basic edit on them but are not the final look.  You will then select the image(s) you would like to order.  Those selected images will be the ones that receive the final edit. You will receive both a social media-sized digital copy along with your desired print.  The print will be on fine art paper with a hard backing to help preserve it.  If you order a Folio box, those will arrive matted and sized for the Folio Box (8×10 prints matted to 11×14 Folio box). 

Do you archive the images?

Your images will be available for 90 days.  If you would like to purchase additional images during those 90 days, there is no fee to schedule another selection session and order more.  After the 90 days, they get archived and there will be a $80 fee to unarchive them and book another selection session.  After 2 years, the images will be deleted and unavailable. 

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Sure! You can bring a friend to your session. They can even join you in a couple of pictures. However, friends cannot get their own solo portrait taken during the session.  Want to have a friends session where you both get images together and separate?  Just let me know and we will work it out.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are most welcome at the session as long as:  1) They stay leashed the entire session 2) They are well behaved and can sit for portraits 3) The location chosen allows dogs.   As a dog lover, I really enjoy when clients bring their dogs to session. The memories made are always so special.

What types of edits are performed on my selected photos?

The edits performed on selected photos always include skin retouching, blemish removal, fly-away hair removal (to an extent – if outside, some are natural and removing all of them makes the image look fake), color-balancing, skin color evening, redness reduction, glare removal from glasses (this is not always possible without sending to a retoucher).  Other types of edits are artistic. Blurring out the background, removal of distracting things (branches, bright spots in the background, holes in the ground, park signs, people, etc.)  I always attempt to edit out bra straps, undergarments, wrinkles in clothes HOWEVER if they are difficult or require a lot of extra time, there WILL BE an extra charge for additional editing time. Please arrive in outfits that cover undergarments if you do not want them to show in pictures.  Additionally, please arrive with clothes ironed. Extensive wrinkles are not easy to remove and can make clothes look blurry.  All images are hand-edited.  While software may be used to help with the editing, each image gets looked at extensively and can take anywhere from 20-60 mins to edit.  This is the special touch I offer.

Can my family come to the session?
I request that if your family would like to have portraits done at the same time as your session, that an additional session be booked. Alternatively, you can be one of my VIPs and a family session is included.