Tulip Portraits for Senior Pictures at Burnside Farms

Spring Tulip Portrait Sessions

Spring is my favorite time of year for portraits.  Autumn is a close second because of the fall colors but with spring you are guaranteed flowers and green and beautiful weather.  Tulips are a particular favorite of mine and I have enjoyed taking portraits with tulips.  A whole field of tulips provides a beautiful backdrop for individuals who love color.

My location of choice is always Burnside Farms. They provide wonderful customer service, a beautiful location and the tulips are top notch.  Each year I go not only with clients but also by myself to capture the colorful tulips.  Often they have props that are useful as well.  This is the same farm that I go to for sunflowers.

Each time I have worked with a client at Burnside they have loved their images.  You really wouldn’t even know that we were surrounded by people.  That is one thing that makes my portraits special.  I work hard to get angles and shots that minimize crowds.  Often times, I am also able to edit out people if necessary.  There are times, of course, where it isn’t possible but I do my best to make sure when you receive your prints that you feel like you had the whole field to yourself.

Now is the time to schedule your tulips sessions.  Once Burnside Farms releases their schedule, we get approximately 2 weeks for sessions.  This year I will be doing mini sessions if I see enough interest.  The mini sessions will be 20 mins, $150 and include 1 8×10 print (digital file included).  Additional images will be made available at 30% off my regular prices.  Clients must buy their own ticket to Burnside Farms.  Please note:  Late clients will give up their fee and whatever time is left in the session will be utilized as best as possible.  Clients who miss their session completely will not receive a refund and rescheduling will be $50.

Interested?  Please be sure to let me know!

Tulip Portraits
Senior Portraits
Tulip Field
Tulips with Barn
Running through the Tulips
Surrounded by Tulips

Senior Portraits with your Bestie

Are you someone who loves to do everything with your best friend? If so, why not set up a senior portrait session with them?  It can be just a couple of photos added to your individual session or you can have a session dedicated to your friend.  Let’s go to your favorite spot and capture images that will build memories to last a lifetime.  Are you on a sports team together? We can utilize those uniforms and/or the sport itself.  Do you have a favorite hike? We can go there.  Or hit me up for the perfect suggestion on how to make the images reflect your relationship.

Through the years I have captured friends in Shenandoah, Waterford and on the soccer field.  Each time, the friends have laughed, hugged, and had a wonderful time just being together.  If you are interested, just reach out to me!  I can walk you through each step on how to have a session that will provide images that you will love.


Capturing Beautiful Moments: Professional Photography in Loudoun County, Virginia

Are you looking to preserve special moments and create lasting memories? Look no further than our professional photography services in Loudoun County, Virginia. With a specialization in capturing beautiful portraits in natural settings, we are dedicated to providing you with stunning photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Specializing in High School Senior Portraits

One of our passions is photographing high school seniors. We understand the importance of this milestone in their lives and strive to capture their unique personalities and achievements in a way that reflects their individuality. Whether it’s a serene outdoor location or an urban setting, we work closely with our clients to choose the perfect backdrop for their senior portraits.

Our goal is to make the experience enjoyable and memorable for both the seniors and their families. We encourage them to bring props, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, or anything that represents their interests and passions. By incorporating these personal touches, we can create portraits that truly reflect who they are at this exciting stage of their lives.

Individuals, Couples, and Families

In addition to high school seniors, we also work with individuals, couples, and families. Whether you’re looking for a professional headshot, anniversary photos, or a family portrait, we have the expertise to capture your unique bond and relationships. We believe that the best photographs are those that showcase genuine emotions and connections, and we strive to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during our sessions.

Our approach is to blend candid moments with carefully posed shots, resulting in a collection of photographs that truly tell your story. We understand that each person and family is different, and we tailor our sessions to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Sports Photography

As an avid sports photographer, we are also available to capture your child or team in action. Whether it’s a soccer game, basketball tournament, or any other sporting event, we have the skills and equipment to freeze those thrilling moments on the field or court. Our goal is to capture the intensity, excitement, and camaraderie of sports, allowing you to relive those unforgettable moments time and time again.

We understand the challenges of photographing fast-paced sports, and we have the technical expertise to capture the perfect shot, even in challenging lighting conditions. Whether you’re a parent looking to capture your child’s passion for sports or a coach wanting to document your team’s journey, we are here to provide you with high-quality sports photographs.

Contact us for Professional Photography Services

If you’re in Loudoun County, Virginia, and are in need of professional photography services, we would love to work with you. Whether it’s capturing the essence of a high school senior, celebrating the love between couples, or preserving family memories, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional photographs that you will treasure for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your photography needs and to schedule a session. We look forward to capturing beautiful moments with you!