Senior Portraits with your Bestie

Are you someone who loves to do everything with your best friend? If so, why not set up a senior portrait session with them?  It can be just a couple of photos added to your individual session or you can have a session dedicated to your friend.  Let’s go to your favorite spot and capture images that will build memories to last a lifetime.  Are you on a sports team together? We can utilize those uniforms and/or the sport itself.  Do you have a favorite hike? We can go there.  Or hit me up for the perfect suggestion on how to make the images reflect your relationship.

Through the years I have captured friends in Shenandoah, Waterford and on the soccer field.  Each time, the friends have laughed, hugged, and had a wonderful time just being together.  If you are interested, just reach out to me!  I can walk you through each step on how to have a session that will provide images that you will love.